Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome Back!

I haven't taken the last 2.5 years off. I've been gathering momentum.

I know I said a few blog post posts (and a few years) back, "I'm not going to just up and head off to California."
But I did.
Almost Immediately.
'Hoodsteading turned to travel.
Travel turned to moving.
Moving turned to farming.
Farming turned into horrible tragedy that almost did me in.

'Hoodsteading went from 1/2 acre in Salt Lake City, Utah to a 300 acre "commune" in rural Northern California to a 5 acres rural school garden "caretaking" spot to a tiny cottage in a small river river town under the shade of the redwoods...
with absolutely nothing but a sliver of sunshine on a borrowed hillside belonging to a neighbor.

Two years that are still a blur, that I have so much to say and promise to catch up on, but those things take time.
But I can't just NOT FARM.  Let's go see what happened NEXT: