Friday, November 28, 2008

WOW! November's end!
Fermentations of the various kind continue at Chez Homestead!
I started my own sourdough culture!

Amazing what flour, water and sitting around the house will conjure up! All I can say is YUM. Stirring, adding, stirring. For a week this stuff sat around. I did throw a few Goji berries in at the beginning in hopes it would add extra yeast, who knows if it helped, but the result has been GREAT so far. The starter smelled sour, and was definitely active. So I decided to use it. I made my first batch of SOURDOUGH ENGLISH MUFFINS!


They were DELICIOUS. Next weeks fermentation? KEFIR!!! Oh I can't wait.

Emberdoodle is up to her busy hijinks. We wuvs her tho.


She's loving mobility.



I think we have our hands full.

My beautiful offspring on Thanksgiving Day. Just, wow.

In commemoration of Thanksgiving; I offer a picture that pretty much sums up the holiday. Go America. Yes, that's me, and yes, I think I'm going to be ill. ACK! But in the name of squeamishness, I'm putting it up here so that I can be reminded to take the stairs. ANY stairs. ;-)



Honey said...

Everything looks so yummy, I wish you were my mommy.

Lynnster said...

Whoa! Hello there, "Red"!

That was a shock, it looks good tho.

gypsy la sal said...

a shock!? well, last month, my hair was purple and 2 years ago, I was 30 lbs. lighter!!! *cry face*