Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wasatch Soup Swap 2009

Friends and Strangers (but not for long!) came together this week for the first EVER Wasatch Soup Swap. Held on Thursday, January 22, 2009.
I want to thank WASATCH COMMONS for their generous donation of space for The Soup Swap, it was perfect for the group! We regret that we weren't graced with your presence! You really missed out on some GREAT SOUP!

We had 10 different soups, 15 adults and LOTS of kids of all ages! We feasted on soup, drank wine and talked about everything from canyons to kefir to kids... but let us not forget: SOUP!



AND we were visited by the new President! (top right corner) Yes, of COURSE the PRESIDENT LOVES SOUP! ;-)

We had The Telling of Soup.
Like the fascinating tale of Gumbole'; a gumbo & pazole hybrid birthed from one woman's jouney through cultures, geography, life stages, as well as witnessing nature's stages and destruction. Yep, it created a bowl of soup.


And we gathered food for THE UTAH FOOD BANK.

Thanks to everyone who made soup, shared recipes and brought food donations. Without YOU, I would have just sat here saying to myself, " wow, Soup Swap... that Knox guy is really on to something." But now WE HAVE THAT TOO! (not to mention the freezer full of soup)

For me, it really is about more than soup. Just like my previous post mentioned, it IS about compassion. I also realized for ME, it's about COMMUNITY and TRUST.
I can't wait til next year! And I don't think I am alone in that. ;-)

Soups Shared:
Four Grain Tomato
Bean & Ham

Soups Swapped:
French Onion
Mexican Squash Stew
Thai Pumpkin Coconut
Coconut Curry
Four Grain Tomato
Vegetable Beef
Split Pea
Tomato & Basil

And THIS is my own freezer NOW!

(count the exclamation marks in this post, and win a PRIZE! ;-) I love giving away prizes... and apparently I LOVE! Exclamation Marks!!!!

Me, while using stickers to make birthday cards: "Hey! I've already used my only exclamation mark!"
Hubby: "imagine that." (who NEVER uses exclamation marks)


Amy said...

It was such a fun event and I'm so thrilled to have a week's worth of meals in my freezer; brilliant!
You can see my post about the event on our blog.
Thanks for putting this together because you're right, otherwise I would've just thought, "Hmm, soup swap, cool idea," but never actually done it!

Alyssa said...

Mmmmhhhmmm... that was fun! And of course I was very excited to see Barack there!!!

I can see that you are an organizer... I like that. I tend to be an instigator and wish I could pull things off as beautifully as you did the soup swap!

Yay!!! I'm so glad to know you!

Honey said...

Sounds like a lovely evening...sometimes I wish I was not so far away....but then I would miss my lovely friends here.

My latest yummy creation:
Black Turtle Beans
Long Grain Brown Rice
Red Peppers
Baby Corn
Water Chestnuts
Green Beans
Red Pepper Flakes
Fresh Ground Pepper

...I know sounds like a strange combo, but it is yummers. And I am a lucky mom, my daughter LOVES my cooking and she is the only one I have to cook for..until I find Mr Right or Mr Someone...working on

Lots of Hot Soupy Love,

kiwi said...

Please you had such a good time looks like it was fun. Some of the soups looked really interesting. If I live closer I would of participated.

I counted 18 exclamation marks

beastmomma said...

I loved the soup swap I attended with Knox himself; he is even more riveting in person than on the blog. I decided to enter your contest and I believe that you have 18 exclaimation points.