Monday, April 20, 2009

It's why there was no internet...

I've discovered the reason there were no blogs in "the old days"... No internet... No Flickr... It was because they didn't have TIME to do those things. ;-)
I did take time however, to take a picture of these growing in the yard:

Very cool things underfoot this Spring!

I should be outside doing 1 of 574308403 things I want/need to get done, but again, just an update and pictures... because I don't have time for 1000 words... or 584305894035890438503 words AND am "trying" to "take it easy" today because I did an awful lot this weekend, I am fending off some sort of weird infection as told by my swollen lymph nodes, I'm dehydrated, and I HURT... same old hurt, same sad joints and pain... shrug, I don't know... so... I'll "try" to rest today and update some pics... but ONLY today!!!!
So anyway... YES I AM BUSY!!! I'm not complaining, by the way, just stating a blissful fact. :-D

The chicks are all growing up! No longer in my living room, they share the space outside with quail and hens.

Ember has TEETH, WALKS, LIVES for the outdoors, and LOVES BEES!!!

I am officially a beekeeper! I have owned bees for less than 72 hours and I have two stings. The funny thing is, I didn't even get them from MY bees. I went to my beekeeping mentor's house to watch her install her bees and take a peek inside one of her mature hives. One on the hand while working with her bees and one on the head as I was leaving. No bees stung me when I installed my own. I hear that bee stings are actually good for you, though. You can decide for yourself and I will keep you posted. ;-)

Now go off and save the world, ladies!!!

And if you have 7:30 to kill... check this out:


Alyssa said...

Hooray for bees!!! Girl, you are soooooo impressive!

Whispering Springs said...

Wow! Amazing video. I can't wait to get bees someday. Maybe next summer.