Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been so busy. But at least a few pics...

Three hens' work. Rhode Island Red, Silkie, Americauna.

Chip- Americauna. His name is chip because when they arrived, they looked like chipmunks. I bet there is more than one chicken out there named chip... just a guess.

Chirp. Another suspected rooster/dinner.

Yvette- Light Americauna. She has a dark brown "Y" on her forehead. Sagan didn't want the name Yvonne.

"Hammy"- Silver Spangled Hamburg (McMurray Mystery Chicken) Still waiting on the rooster/hen verdict before he gets a "real" name. He might be dinner.

Nekkid baby and chicken coops in the living room... yes, I'm busy.


My sweet geeky baby.

Ember loves when Sagan plays with her.

Yes, I said busy, I am even typing this one handed while nursing the baby! Spring has sprung! Gotta go!


Michelle said...

Great blog and thanks for mentioning Rott'n Apple Worm Farm in February. A reader of your blog sent us the link (after buying worms from us.)


gypsy la sal said...

Oh! I LOVE my worms! In fact, they have already "harvested" one bin and they are on their second! Just a couple months and I have a whole bin of vermicompost!