Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Since it's only January and January is cold, dank and awful, I am going to reminisce again for just a second before I look again to the future. ;-)

Things I did for the FIRST time in 2009:

1. Visited Humboldt Co.
2. Visited Yosemite
3. Raised & slaughtered chickens & quail for food.
4. Kept bees/harvested honey.
5. Grew eggplant.
6. Used a pressure canner.
7. Stretched earlobes.
8. Ate horse jerky.
9. Ate a Meyer lemon.
10. Pressed/brewed cider.
11. Made a classic Waldorf doll.
12. Learned to felt wool.
13. Caught skunks on film WITHOUT getting sprayed.
14. Used diatomaceous earth.
15. Made lacto-fermented pickles.
16. Grew green-fiber cotton.
17. Finished as many projects as started. -not nec. the SAME ones, mind you ;-)

Things I would like to do for the first time 2010:

1. Take a long road trip (2+ weeks) with my daughters.
2. Grow, hunt, forage or farmer's market (eat local) 75%.
3. Learn to spin wool/mohair.
4. Raise bees successfully in a Top Bar Hive
5. Sew or Buy ALL family clothing 2nd hand (except socks/undies)
6. Find an intentional community that I feel comfortable in.
7. Taking suggestions... I like firsts. ;-)

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