Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day One: Grantsville Reservoir

We arrived at 10pm.

So we got a late start. Sue us. Fortunately, as we expected, Grantsville Reservoir was mostly empty.

Mid week may very well be a good time to move the camper. Only two other camps and some late-night party kids to be found. We saw some night fishing as well.

Morning brought us high winds, just as Tooele County has shown us a lot of in the last year. The parking lot here at the campground makes for some nasty dust storms. 

Such a shame that we won’t even venture out on our first day! No exploring, no fishing. Perhaps the wind will mellow as the day progresses. It IS fun to watch the wind surfer out on the reservoir though. It looks like a lot of fun. I always thought it would be a sport I might like. That is just what I need, one more hobby.

Scout is right at home, however a little disturbed that Script isn’t with us. He’s not venturing far from the camper. He has watched the birds from the front door, but he’s only spent a little time outside so far. Script is missing out. She escaped the camper twice last night as we were loading up. Mark was sick of chasing her, so she got to stay at Seabase. We will go over there today and round her up. Silly cat. I think once we get a cat carrier and put her in it for the rides, she will get over that initial dart reflex. We hope anyway.

I’ve already started to see different birds than live at Seabase. We have only moved about 15 miles, but in just that distance, we have more vegetation, and therefore more birds. Out comes the bird book. It may very well find a home on our coffee table made out of a cooler.

I have to admit that I’m really nervous about this summer adventure. More than “camping all summer” I guess I worry about our “stuff””. We LIVE in the camper now, so all the day-to-day things that we are so close to are now MOBILE. I worry about wrecks, (thanks mom) I worry about fires, I worry about theft. I worry about these things WAY more than I did living in a house, even though many of those things are more likely to happen when you stay put. I dunno. Fear is natural, I suppose, when you embark upon new journeys.  
Especially when the BRAND NEW generator won't run the air conditioning. Now we STILL have 2 worthless generators. Sigh...

Would I trade it for the security of a stick house and the same view every day? Nope. At least not just yet.

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Emily Christine said...

Looks beautiful Julie! Good luck on your adventure!