Friday, June 20, 2008


Exactly Six months ago today I was big, miserable, irritable, sad & depressed. I really wasn't sure where were were going or what we were doing. I knew I had a baby on the way. I knew that Seabase wouldn't ALWAYS be our home, as lovely as it is. I knew it was a time that would pass.
During the Winter Solstice we take the time to turn inward. 

A time of rest and repose. 

I know how important Solstice time is. Hell, I named a daughter after it. (Sagan Solstice Grace)

I know that the time of year, "when the sun stands still", is powerful. It is a standing time, but also a time of change. It is a time to stop and ponder, and then to move on to the next phase. It is full of energy, a time to not take lightly, lest the darkness will take us.

Here on the Summer Solstice I am exploding with anticipation. Unrest and energy flows.
It's an irritability of another kind, I wait AND hurry. I wonder now what the future holds and am not so sad. I'm not big OR depressed. I have that baby with me here on this earth and can't wait to show it to her. I'm exploding to turn outward. I want to do it all, see it all and experience it all.  I am hard pressed to do too much RIGHT NOW. It will exhaust me. 
Solstice is funny like that. It makes the nights long and the days longer. It is a power unto itself. 
Happy Summer... 
I find some weird shit out here in the desert.

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