Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventures in Vermicomposting

I've taken up worm farming. Ok, maybe not worm farming... but Vermicomposting is taking place in my back room. We ordered 1 lb. of Red Wigglers from Rott'n Apple Worm Farm in Sigurd, Utah. They were delivered this morning to my door from the worm farmer himself and daughter. GREAT SERVICE!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing just how much kitchen waste these kids can go through!

Building the bin was easy. Rubbermaid, drill, shredded paper and cardboard of all kinds, kitchen waste, red wigglers, time. I have all those things!

Supposedly, they can eat their weight in kitchen waste every day, leaving behind (literally) rich, nutrient dense, compost for your plants and garden! Seems like a fair trade; my garbage for fertilizer? Deal.

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Alyssa said...

I wouldn't say this to just anyone but... nice worms girl!

Yes, I'll have a belated beef heart kabob Valentine's dinner with you! Anytime. :)