Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As if my food preparation weren't traumatic and entertaining enough...

I decided to take up making bento.

Anasazi Beans, rice balls, green peas with goji berries, asparagus, dried mangos, sesame seeds

Now why in the world would I do this? Aren't my hours in the kitchen thankless enough without spending THAT MUCH TIME making bento? To chop and mix and form and mold little beautiful platters of food, only to have them "unappreciated"?


For one: I'm obsessed with these little boxes. I've always thought they were cool. I love tins and containers and boxes already... it only makes sense that I would be drawn to something similar FILLED WITH BEAUTIFUL FOOD!!!

For two: What am I going to do? Give up things that I love? Give up creativity? Give up taking time to prepare meals for my loved ones? (even if they go untouched)

NO! I can choose to fill them with things I know the kids will love. They aren't as picky as Mr. Bland McPickPick, and they even appreciate the color and design.

Don't laugh at my Take and Toss bento boxes... The real ones I ordered from Japan won't be here before these leftovers go bad, so... I made do.

Potato cakes, bean & rice balls, egg, carrot, tomatoes, blueberries

It may not get eaten... but at least this food has been enjoyed before going in the garbage.

Sagan ate this one for breakfast.

potato cakes, asparagus & boiled egg

I ate this one for lunch.

Tilapia, carrots, rice, asparagus

Ember ate this one for lunch.

Fish, dried fruit, rice balls, green peas

I made this one for that guy who hates my cooking.

Tilapia, rice, asparagus, eggs, mushrooms, carrots, peas, dried fruit

He will probably just leave it in the car or something. :-/

Stay tuned as I get better at this bento thing. Maybe before I know it I can create something like this:

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to make a note to just "drop by" for bento sometime! (If I knew where ya lived!) I've had lunch today, but seeing those made me suddenly hungry!

Honey said...


gypsy la sal said...

hahaha sweet! i was just saying that what this town needed was a good bento place... maybe that is MY place!

Julie said...

I've never even heard of this. Beautiful indeed, I could totally see kids being drawn to this type of stuff. All the colors and neat arranging, I think your onto something.

Alyssa said...

Again... you impress me!!!