Tuesday, July 8, 2008

100 degree Days

Wow, the days can get away from me quickly! So much happens in the course of a few days, and I keep wanting to share it. Sitting down to write about it takes away from doing MORE of it!!!

The 4th weekend kept us in the water, watching the local town parade, catching crawdads, enjoying time with our friends, contemplating fishing (not actually fishing though ;-) haha) meeting some really interesting people and visits from friends & family. Whew!
Ember got her first taste of overheating. Seems she carries intolerance for heat just like her mama. A really nice local guy fetched us some water and we soaked her down to cool her off. She was red and splotchy and wasn't looking so good.

Let's see... The local 4th of July Parade.

Sagan petting a miniature horse.

This float says, "Abstinence=Independence"

It has two 16 yr. olds up there getting married. I think the message is: "It's better to get married at 16 than to have sex unmarried." Uhm... or something... I'm not sure how abstinence=independence OR how getting married=independence. This float cracked me up on a few levels; that's why I have a picture of it. hahaha It was the county club for the prevention of teen pregnancy. Maybe if it said, "Responsibility=Independence" or "Education=Independence" It might have left me in agreement. I just know that it's an unrealistic approach to humans & sex.

This of course is the Dead Animal Float... No small town parade is complete without a Dead Animal Float.

We met Brian in our campground. We noticed he was uber brown and wearing a skirt and looked pretty hammered. I told Mark that he was obviously on foot/backpacking. I wasn't sure whether he came out of the mountain or off the road, but I knew he looked hungry.

Turns out that Brian is walking, yes I said WALKING from New Mexico to Oregon where he wants to buy some land and live free from Babylon (the modern world). He wears only natural, hand woven fabrics (burlap bag skirt) and eats little more than corn and whole wheat flour. He wouldn't take the backpacking food we offered him, although he did share our tortilla chips with us. He won't accept rides, and won't travel on Saturday. He stayed for a few days resting up and writing and reading. He spoke of physics, and science and religion and many topics.

He was mostly interested in living like Jesus. Best I could tell, he was doing a better job than every Christian I ever met. The county cops picked him up and sent him over here to the reservoir. It's a good place for him to rest up before more traveling through the desert. He said he wanted to go to the library and find the geologic makeup of Oregon. In about 5 minutes we had it pulled up on the internet and printed out for him. He accepted it graciously. He knows that it's next to impossible to get away from "babylon"... in this case, it was very helpful to him; something about calcium in the soil. Conflicted in some ways, very sure in others. Interesting fella, to be sure.

We woke up today to the swallow babies learning to fly.

I'm glad they will be off on their own. Scout would love to eat them all for breakfast. He slept through the flying lessons, he'll have to settle for kibble this time.

We were visited by a wild horse this morning too.

It came down from the mountains and wandered around the fences looking for a way down to the reservoir for a drink. Shaggy mane and lean body, she wouldn't let us near her, she even stomped at me as I tried to get nearer. She did find a way around the fencing and drank her fill. She then wandered back up into the mountains. Coolest thing I've seen in a while. I am wondering where the rest of the herd is. I don't know that they travel alone. This horse was definitely wild and seemingly alone. I wasn't able to get a really good picture, she just wouldn't let us get that close.

A few of the other interesting pictures I've taken this week. I don't know why all of a sudden I have this thing for Macro shots. I'm proud of these though.

I spend a LOT of time using the "flyspanker" on these. I hate 'em.

The Gulls Like these.

Utah State Bird=The California Gull

The locals call them "rats with wings". I still think they are a sight to behold.

We are loving the reservoir, but will probably move at the end of this week.
We will be back. We like it here A LOT. It's just about time to change scenery for a while. I'm going to miss that water.

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