Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Llamafest & Alpine Days

LlamaFest was hot as usual. The llamas were cute as usual. The Lotus Temple was beautiful as usual. Volunteering at llamafest was worth the free t-shirt.

We love the Krishnas...

Happy, HAPPY people.

I love the contrast of these pictures...On one side of the highway in Spanish Fork, Utah is the Krishna Lotus Temple

Directly across the street from....
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
I stood in the same spot and turned 180 degrees for those two shots...
Ahhh the diversity of Utah.

We stayed near Diamond Fork for a night before going to American Fork Canyon for three nights.

There was a kid that was killed & eaten last year in this canyon. Sadly, another story of taking snacks to bed with him. In a tent. :-(
I don't think we could PAY Sagan to take food to bed with her when we are up the canyons, much less get anywhere CLOSE to sleeping in a tent. She is deathly afraid of running into bears. I keep trying to tell her that all she has to do is not take food to bed with her and make lots of noise. She doesn't believe me. 

We saw no bears but DID see a young bull moose. By the time we went back to the camper for the camera and binoculars... He was gone. :-(
Lovely canyon.
Mark's commute is still under 1 hour. 

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