Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breastfeeding Cafe

I'll be volunteering for the Breastfeeding Cafe during the month of August. I'm pretty excited about that! I know that many mamas would feed their babies what their babies should have if they had more support. I'd like to help other mama's feed their babies the way nature intended. Nursing my other two was CAKE compared to Ember. I had a LOT of trouble nursing Ember. She was so tiny and pre-term, she had a hard time latching on. Then she got a bottle preference. I cried and cried. Then she "had" to have formula, it made me sick. THEN... we finally WON.

It's hard when you are new. It's hard when it's hard. It's hard when they cry. It's hard when it hurts. It's hard when you work. It's hard when... so many things... but...

IT CAN BE DONE!!! Almost 1000 babies die each year in this country because they were formula fed and not breastmilk fed. This number should be ZERO. No child should go without human milk. Even if it doesn't come from their mothers breasts, milk banks stocked with generous supplies from wonderful donating women should be available. NO CHILD should have to drink formula. The commercial formula industry is making FOOLS OF US ALL while making their wallets FAT!!!!! BOO to artificial feeding!!!

BREASTS were MADE for FEEDING babies!!! (sure they have other great uses too... being the useful organs they are) ;-)

I'll be at the Breastfeeding Cafe on Tuesdays and some Fridays during the month of August. Come see me lactate. Ask me questions. Consider what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

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Honey said...

Sometimes I feel a little guilty because breastfeeding was so easy for me. I had tons of milk and never leaked. I loved doing it, it was efficient, easy, cheap and a perfect food for babies. I could be a wet nurse it is so easy for me....but I do sympathize with those that have had a hard time for whatever reason..with some it is work...some stress...some profuse leaking (at work)...for some the baby tries to refuse the must be difficult.
However, it is hard for me to understand the women who do not even try at all????