Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rob's House

We call Rob's house, "The Home for Wayward Ravers".
We love Rob. Rob has cool blinky, lighty things in his house and super cool home made ART in his yard.

This is a Merkaba. Oh, and our house in the background. Rob made us a smaller merkaba for our wedding present.

This is a 12 foot tall wind chime that makes me wish I had a yard so I could have one.

Rob also has a TV in his laundry room... 'cuz he has four kids.

Sagan LOVES playing with Rob's kids and LOVES watching Rob's TV and LOVES swinging on his swingset.
Rob has a job, a houseful of kids, a GARDEN, a girlfriend, an active social life and STILL seems to get things done: build art, make sure his yard and house doesn't fall apart, pick up people from the airport, help people hang soon-to-be-dinner deer from the garage beams, come to your wedding in a penguin suit, offer services to teenagers, rebuild an RV for Burning Man... I wish I had a little bit of that energy. And he's NICE on top of it?
I'll say it again:
Rob is the shizzle.

THANKS ROB for letting us squat in your yard for a few days and abuse your hospitality!!!

Next stop? Back to Tooele County. *groan* I wish I was going to Burning Man with Rob. *cries*

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