Monday, July 28, 2008

Camping Cats


The cats are home for the day. Scout goes to bed. Script naps and lounges.

Dusk: meow! myow myow myow myow! RAAAW!
Translation: door! yes yes yes yes! let me out!

The cats like to hunt and roam all night. I'd love to have a meerkat manor style camera on these two. I want to watch them be cats.

Every day, home in the morning, out for the evening. They hang around when we start packing up and wait for us to lock them in the camper. There, they sleep while we travel or are gone for the day. They have seen Cabela's parking lot and Rob's backyard. They have been "stuck" in the KOA at Bear Lake and tossed out in Bear Country in Timpanogos. They have been dive bombed by swallows and sneaked up on by snakes.

Script likes to roll in the dirt; she pretends she doesn't want to leave but never runs when it's time to go. Scout likes to yell at you on the trail; making his presence absolute. He doesn't run when it's time to leave, but he might be busy following a field mouse.

They listen to everything. Scout's fur glimmers and Script's eyes sparkle in the sunshine. They sniff the air with their mouth open.


We don't beat them, but sometimes Mark wants to. ;-) Nobody can believe we travel with these cats, but we do.

My cats camp.

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Honey said...

I am confused, I always thought cats would run away??? Or they a special breed or something....??